Realistic or zentagle – wolf drawing

First things first:

It is arguably the most difficult subject to draw realistically.
Realistic face, realistic eyes, realistic mouth, realistic hair, etc.


What is a zentangle?

A zentangle is sort of like a doodle with intention.
It typically starts with a simple shape or outline, which is then filled in using delicate line patterns — and sometimes, there are patterns within the patterns.
While they look impossibly intricate and complex, a zentangle is actually quite easy to draw and is accessible to all levels.

Johanna Basford creative and meditative coloring books fabulous worlds created.
Millions of people can cover a number of countries and result in the creation of this new way of pastime. These wonderful drawings are zentagle elements too.

Well I just mixed this two magnificent style of my drawings.
My drawing tools are also quite varied: charcoal, pastel, marker.


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